Reactive Keyboard

If you have an RSI (repetitive strain injury), you might try the Reactive Keyboard ( rk; also see Predictive Interface Agent and Single Hand Key Card and Adaptive User Interfaces (unix command line prediction and BearOps Linux ( and Ian H. Witten (one of the developers of the original Reactive Keyboard)). It's free. rk attempts to predict what you will next type and you may either accept or reject the prediction. The original authors seem to be unreachable (they never return my mail), so I've taken over responsibility for this software. It's fairly buggy; all the bugs are described in the man page. You can get the latest (1.6.2) source right here. I've compiled and run rk on SunOS 4.1.3, Solaris 2.3/2.5, and Linux 2.0. It supposedly will also work on Macintoshes and under DOS, but I haven't tried it (nor even know how to go about this). An older version of Reactive Keyboard seems to be available from The Typing Injury Archive. Some day I'll get enough energy to give 'em my version.

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